Welcome to the brewster project.

I’m a highly motivated senior designer and art director with over fifteen years experience working with Londons leading publishing houses and International clients alike.

My portfolio covers a broad spectrum of design styles and genres which shows my ability to be adaptable to the clients briefs and expectations. Over the years I have worked on titles in Crime, Women’s Fiction, Saga, Young Adult / Childrens, Non Fiction and feel comfortable executing each brief.

I’ve created hand drawn lettering and branding two of which being The Bolds by Julian Clary and Spangles Mcnasty by Steve Webb. Briefs such as these are a joy to work on, as I’m using a different illustrative skill where I can be off the mac and be as creative as I please.

I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted for the ABCD design awards two years running 2018 and 2019. I have been interviewed by Spine Magazine for my The Witch’s Kiss design for Harpercollins.